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Surveyor™ S12 and S19 Patient Monitoring Systems


  • Mobile or wall-mounted options available
  • Surveyor S12 includes an integral thermal recorder
  • Uses AM12™ acquisition module with replaceable lead wires & lead fail indicator
  • Can connect with EHR systems for real-time vital signs and waveforms annotation
  • Surveyor S19 offers external, thermal printing solution for added flexibility
  • State-of-the-art 5 GHz WiFi

Product Specifications

Connects to EMR? Yes
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Find the right solution for your setting.

Portable Solution

Surveyor S12 is an ideal portable monitoring solution with its high-resolution 12" touchscreen display, WiFi network, extensive battery runtime and integrated handle.

High-Acuity Solution

Surveyor S19 offers a comprehensive solution for advanced monitoring needs with a high-resolution 19" touchscreen display.

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Surveyor Central

Surveyor Central: Bringing it All Together

The S12 and S19 monitors can operate as part of a larger, integrated monitoring solution with the Surveyor Central bedside and telemetry patient monitoring system. Capable of bidirectional communication with any Surveyor patient monitor (including the S4, S12 and S19 monitors), Surveyor Central enables workflow flexibility, continuity of patient data and vigilant monitoring of alarms—elements critical to keeping a watchful eye on your patients.