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Surveyor™ S4 Mobile Monitor


  • VERITAS algorithm processing with QRS detection sensitivity measures above 99%
  • WiFi offers higher capacity and lower cost vs. proprietary telemetry antennas
  • Admit patients directly from Surveyor S4 to available slots on Surveyor Central

Product Specifications

Connects to EMR? Yes
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Reliable monitoring across patient types and acuities

  • Monitor 12 leads of diagnostic-quality ECG for cardiac or high-acuity patients using the patented 10-wire LeadForm patient cable.
  • Use the 5-lead shielded cable for standard ambulatory monitoring.
  • Choose the 3-lead shielded cable for basic single-lead ECG monitoring.
Surveyor S4 Screen
Surveyor Central

Surveyor Central: Bringing it All Together

The S4 monitors can operate as part of a larger, integrated monitoring solution with the Surveyor Central bedside and telemetry patient monitoring system. Capable of bidirectional communication with any Surveyor patient monitor (including the S4, S12 and S19 monitors), Surveyor Central enables workflow flexibility, continuity of patient data and vigilant monitoring of alarms—elements critical to keeping a watchful eye on your patients.